Duolikun Danier



I am a Research Associate in ML&CV in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, working with Dr. Oisin Mac Aodha, Dr. Hakan Bilen, and Dr. Changjian Li.

I did my PhD with the Visual Information Laboratory at the University of Bristol, supervised by Prof. David Bull and Dr. Fan Zhang. The focus of my PhD was on low-level computer vision topics such as video frame interpolation, video compression and video quality assessment. Prior to that, I obtained MSc (Distiction) in Machine Learning from UCL under the supervision of by Prof. Gabriel Brostow, and obtained BEng (1st Class Hons.) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering also from UCL, supervised by Prof. Yiannis Andreopoulos.

Email: duolikun (dot) danier (at) ed.ac.uk
Address: Informatics Forum 2.44


May 21, 2024 Started working as a postdoc with Dr. Oisin Mac Aodha, Dr. Hakan Bilen, and Dr. Changjian Li at the University of Edinburgh.
Dec 09, 2023 The LDMVFI paper is accepted by AAAI 2024.
Oct 24, 2023 One co-authored paper RankDVQA is accepted by WACV 2024.
Oct 21, 2023 The BVI-VFI paper is accepted by IEEE Transaction on Image Processing (TIP).
May 12, 2023 Started a research internship at MediaTek Research.

selected publications

  1. AAAI
    LDMVFI: Video Frame Interpolation with Latent Diffusion Models
    Duolikun Danier, Fan Zhang, and David Bull
    AAAI, 2024
  2. TIP
    BVI-VFI: A Video Quality Database for Video Frame Interpolation
    Duolikun Danier, Fan Zhang, and David Bull
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2023
  3. CVPR
    ST-MFNet: A Spatio-Temporal Multi-Flow Network for Frame Interpolation
    Duolikun Danier, Fan Zhang, and David Bull
    CVPR, 2022
  4. WACV
    RankDVQA: Deep VQA based on Ranking-inspired Hybrid Training
    Chen Feng, Duolikun Danier, Fan Zhang, and 1 more author
    WACV, 2024
  5. NeurIPS Workshop
    Score Normalization for a Faster Diffusion Exponential Integrator Sampler
    Guoxuan Xia, Duolikun Danier, Ayan Das, and 4 more authors
    NeurIPS Workshop on Diffusion Models, 2023
  6. PCS
    FloLPIPS: A Bespoke Video Quality Metric for Frame Interpoation
    Duolikun Danier, Fan Zhang, and David Bull
    IEEE Picture Coding Symposium, 2022
  7. ICIP
    Enhancing Deformable Convolution based Video Frame Interpolation with Coarse-to-fine 3D CNN
    Duolikun Danier, Fan Zhang, and David Bull
    ICIP, 2022